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Price: $120.00

Portable Evaporative Cooling Fans

Cools 1350 Square Feet!  Includes a 21 gallon water reservoir.  110 volt - 3.5 amp.  Lowers ambient air temperature10-25 degrees.  This cooling fan is easy to use and runs quietly.  The digital timer allows you to program cooling time.  Perfect for cooling your tent on the most humid summer day!


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Price: $135.00

Tent Heater

Thermostatically controlled for a consistent comfortable heat.  Uses propane gas (ask for gas pricing).  This box style heater is positioned outside your tent, with the heat diffuser blowing heat under the tent wall.  Super quiet and efficient!
85,000 BTU
Power Requirements 115V / 15 AMP


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Price: $79.00

Patio Heaters

Zubri Patio Heaters provides heat for both patio or tents.  Uses propane.