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We offer a number of Lighting options for both indoor and outdoor events.


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Bistro Lights

Bistro Lights are a popular lighting option for your wedding or event tent.  Pricing vairies depending on the tent size.  Our price will include the lights rental and labour to swag the LED lights throughout your tent. 


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Cafe Lights with Edison Bulbs

48' Light Strands.  We can swag our popular Edison bulbs inside your tent or outside your tent using our Block and Pole system.  Please inquire regarding pricing.


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Light Dimmer

This dimmer is used with our Chandeliers.  We can connect up to 3 large chandeleirs per dimmer.  Our price includes installation.  Please inquire for price and availability.


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Price: $35.00

Tent Globe Lights

8 Lights per strand


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Price: $75.00

Chandeliers (silver)

This price includes set-up.  These lights are commonly used under our 30 foot & 40 foot wide tents.


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Price: $95.00

Chandeliers (Crystal)


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Price: $125.00

High Bay Lights

These LED High Bay lights will cover 1000 - 1600 square feet.


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Price: $25.00

Tent Flood Lights

The Double Bracket Tent Flood Lights can be swiveled in any direction.


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Price: $30.00

LED Spot lights

LED Spot Lights can be used to illuminate backdrops, provide uplighting around the perimeter of the room and provide lighting under the head table.  They can also be attached to tent legs, creating a beautiful tent wash as the light bounces off the tent fabric.  They can also change the colour of your tent liner with the lighting projected over top the liner.  You can create many colours and even special effects!  
This Led light is a slim bright light weight high output led par.  The unit has 36 x 1 Watt leds that deliver an even colour mix of light.  This compact unit has easy built in control so you can use it for stand-alone or master/slave operation 
Complies with Canadian Electrical Safety Standards